Message from The Vice President

The Strategic Planning Unit was established in 2008 under the Office of the Vice President, to facilitate the development of a regional strategy for structural and institutional transformation as well as interface all the programs and plans of ECOWAS Institutions and align them with the overall vision of the region.

The vehicle for aligning to the ECOWAS Vision is the regional strategic plan, which has been finalised and tasked with achieving the following:

  • Indicating a “road map” for delivering the benefits of regional integration to the ECOWAS citizens
  • Aiding the development of an outcome “planning” document suitable for developing action plans, creating organizational timelines, and communication to the Community
  • Providing operational and administrative direction to the region in general and to the Commission in particular

The regional strategic plan will therefore highlight ECOWAS’s goals and objectives while being clear of the organization’s resource requirements in achieving them.

For the Institutions of ECOWAS, the regional strategic plan would aid in:

  • Raising collective awareness of current and future issues and operations.
  • Facilitating reconciliation between past ways of doing things versus modern ideas and the projection of future service demand
  • Focusing on “what must be done”, “what can be delayed or eliminated”, “who will be served”, “what is the intended outcome”, and “who will provide the service, how, and to what level”
  • Setting the stage for operating at a new, purposeful, and efficient way
  • Providing an opportunity for all to participate in the process and take a genuine interest in their future
  • Increasing morale by ensuring cohesion and developing a common sense of purpose

The region will need to make tough decisions about what is most important to achieving success.  We need your participation and support in this direction. I would like us to use this medium to share thoughts on how we can work together to align ourselves to the ECOWAS Vision and to truly impact the lives of the ECOWAS citizens we are charged to serve.