Message from the Vice President
Jean de Dieu SOMDA,Vice President

Jean de Dieu SOMDA,Vice President

Under the direct authority of the Vice President, the Strategic Planning Unit has the mission of ensuring the formulation of a sub regional strategy for the implementation of the ECOWAS regional integration and development programme and within the framework of NEPAD, and its translation into operational and sectoral programmes at national and regional levels.

It should help in developing a comprehensive regional strategic and action plans, indicating the major implications and strategic options for the implementation of programmes/projects. The unit should help in developing and updating a short, medium and long term strategic work programme for the Commission as well as a better coordination of organizational strategic plans, in collaboration with Institutions, Commissioners and Directors. It should finally discharge any other duties entrusted to it by the Vice President and Commissioners.

The Strategic Plan and Vision 2020 already defined constitute invaluable tools and points of reference for the Strategic Planning Unit.

The 2007-2010 Strategic Plan, through an inclusive and participatory approach, aims in particular at the consolidation of peace and security, the promotion of democracy and governance on the one hand, the intensification of the integration of the regional economic space, the promotion of internal and external trade, the increase in competitiveness, diversification and growth, on the other.

Vision 2020, on its part, advocates a movement from an ECOWAS of States to an ECOWAS of the People through the implementation of a number of objectives with a view to establishing a single economic region (a single currency, a single central bank, a Legislative Community Parliament) where the populations could go about their businesses and live in dignity, in peace, in a state of law, and good governance.